mercredi 14 février 2007


The brainchild of a couple college kids who refused to "suffer to be the hapless prey of Cupid or [be] the pawns of St. Valentine," the Black Hearts Party is an annual event that aims to expose the truth about love. Seventeen years ago today, those who would not stand for the (literally) candy-coated image of love that is broadcast by Hallmark, Disney, and ultimately, Valentines Day got together and well, "did" things their own way. Clad in mandatory black (unless they wish to be fined $50 at the door), often futuristic, Gothic, or just plain out-there attire, an exclusive group of attendees which has grown each year revels in the less-endearing qualities of love. Guests wear a sticker in one of three colors indicating their preference: guys, girls, or "not picky." The party's très kinky of course, and guests play various games encouraging them to "get to know each other a little better" against the harrowingly seductive backdrop of dark humor, vinyl, and headless wedding-cake toppers. All this and the assurance that "when the love of your life pours you a hot, steaming cup of "wake up and get the fuck out of my life", we'll be there for you too" makes the party seem quite appealing, at least to those of us who realize that love isn't all that it's chalked up to be (or those of us who are looking to score). Unfortunately however, today is the last time the promiscuous partygoers will shake their fists at mainstream emotion. Although the original hosts (now all in exclusive relationships) have alluded to possible reincarnations of the party in the future, it calls into question whether the racy resistance will hold true without the annual reassurance of their party...or whether they'll be forced to buy a Hallmark card next year.

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