vendredi 23 février 2007

Time Lapse

Yes, I'm all for vintage long as it's not something your grandmother would wear (unless you've got a really cool grandma).
Here are some pieces I've found in my er...travels:
70's Biba two-piece
70's Kelita NY satin jacket
70's Biba tuxedo jacketCusto top
60's ring
60's Lanz dress

Give Back

The FAD (Fieldston Awareness Day) last week got me thinking about the environment, and how I could get others to think about it too. Particularly about the "tragedy of the commons," which I learned about through the Fishbanks Ltd. Simulation (which was mad fun). In terms of the tragedy of the commons, things will only change as the result of a group effort. One person's efforts and awareness aren't going to have that much of an effect. Since it's hard to get a huge group of people to agree to act in a certain way, I figured people had to start somewhere, and preferably somewhere easy so that people don't get intimidated by the idea of helping out. That's when I found a couple new and inexpensive products that help give back to the environment! CHECK IT:
Cargo PlantLove lipstick, $20:
These lipsticks are consciously produced in a way that emits fewer greenhouse gases (a major cause of global warming) than other production plants. A portion of the profit from each sale goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In addition, the lipstick itself is made completely out of corn, and the outer packaging entirely out of seed-paper making it completely biodegradable. All you've got to do is plant the box in some soil, throw on some water, and watch flowers grow!
Pangea Organics Bar Soap, $7:
These scented bars are also wrapped in seed paper! Just plant the packaging!
Some of my favorites: Tunisian Olive Oil & Coconut, Malagasy Cinnamon Cassia with Cloves, Indian Green Tea with Mint & Rose Petals, Canadian Pine with White Sage

jeudi 15 février 2007

Forgive Me, For I Have Dubiously Deceived You.

Reading back on some past posts I realized something rather frightening. I SOUND LIKE IM WORKING MY ASS OFF TO SOUND LIKE SOME SCHOLARLY NEWS-COLUMNIST. Sorry, but as my English class this year is basically focused SOLELY ON THE ESSAY, I guess my writing's taken on a bit of a technical tone. FUCK THAT. I love creative writing and I'm feeling kinda boxed in by all this, it all sounds too stiff/formal LOOSEN UP MAN your English teacher isn't reading your fcking blog!! I hereby swear to write liek a normal person from now on and am sincerely sorry for troubling you with my subconscious attemtps to extend Mr. Mahabir's tyrannical principles outside the classroom.

mercredi 14 février 2007


The brainchild of a couple college kids who refused to "suffer to be the hapless prey of Cupid or [be] the pawns of St. Valentine," the Black Hearts Party is an annual event that aims to expose the truth about love. Seventeen years ago today, those who would not stand for the (literally) candy-coated image of love that is broadcast by Hallmark, Disney, and ultimately, Valentines Day got together and well, "did" things their own way. Clad in mandatory black (unless they wish to be fined $50 at the door), often futuristic, Gothic, or just plain out-there attire, an exclusive group of attendees which has grown each year revels in the less-endearing qualities of love. Guests wear a sticker in one of three colors indicating their preference: guys, girls, or "not picky." The party's très kinky of course, and guests play various games encouraging them to "get to know each other a little better" against the harrowingly seductive backdrop of dark humor, vinyl, and headless wedding-cake toppers. All this and the assurance that "when the love of your life pours you a hot, steaming cup of "wake up and get the fuck out of my life", we'll be there for you too" makes the party seem quite appealing, at least to those of us who realize that love isn't all that it's chalked up to be (or those of us who are looking to score). Unfortunately however, today is the last time the promiscuous partygoers will shake their fists at mainstream emotion. Although the original hosts (now all in exclusive relationships) have alluded to possible reincarnations of the party in the future, it calls into question whether the racy resistance will hold true without the annual reassurance of their party...or whether they'll be forced to buy a Hallmark card next year.

Looking for something to wear? click here.
Figure yourself out! Visit The Clinic to take BHP's Optical and Cognitive tests.
Check out the Bathroom Wall (see below)
Or click here to explore the party on your own


Mortified commands you! is a self-proclaimed "comic excavation of teen angst artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers." The site's "Woe & Tell" section boasts "the world's first online exchange of embarrassing old photos, poems and diaries." In the forums, people comment on each others most horrendous photographs and original literature from their angsty, awkward, and absurd teen years. Ranging from freshman prom photos to love notes with check-boxes for YES and NO, to an attempted pornographic vignette, the main characters of which were a prince and a princess, site visitors are encouraged to rank the submissions of others, and then upload their own. Ranking is done on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 signifying "least mortifying" and 5 "most mortifying," with "sorta mortifying," "ok, now you're starting to scare me," and "seek therapy" in between. Though the mullets, perms, tortoiseshells, and windshields may be a bit too oldschool for the current teen generation to fully appreciate, the site allows teens of decades past to celebrate the fact that they survived the years between the ages of 13 and 19. While at the same time alerting those who are currently battling through their teenage years to the importance that they destroy all written an photographic evidence of such an existence.

And while you're still harkening back to your highschool days, head on over to The Bathroom Wall (check back tomorrow for more info)

jeudi 25 janvier 2007

Spring Awakening

Unbelievable, fantastic, awesome...WOAH. That was one hell of a show. 100 years ago, Frank Wedekind's original version was seen as outrageously taboo, and banned from theaters. It has since been modernized and outfitted with a new score by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater. Though still viewed as a bit racy, the rock musical is much more accepted in todays society, and features a talented and exuberant young cast including Lea Michele as Wendla, Jonathan Groff as Melchior, and John Gallagher Jr. as Moritz. Set in a provincial German town in the 1890s, Spring Awakening is a compelling story of teen sexuality, challenging authority, and self-discovery. It is wonderfully written and performed beautifully as well. Although as a whole the male cast seemed stronger than the female performers. At the end of the show I found my only criticism to be that I wished they had gone deeper into some of the smaller side-stories as I would have LOVED to have seen more.
Visit the shows website for more information and tickets.

mercredi 24 janvier 2007

34,000 Words

That's about how many total words president Bush has spoken in his past 6 State of the Union addresses. Click here for a very interesting and unconventional take on those words, and a look at how they've changed over the years.