jeudi 25 janvier 2007

Spring Awakening

Unbelievable, fantastic, awesome...WOAH. That was one hell of a show. 100 years ago, Frank Wedekind's original version was seen as outrageously taboo, and banned from theaters. It has since been modernized and outfitted with a new score by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater. Though still viewed as a bit racy, the rock musical is much more accepted in todays society, and features a talented and exuberant young cast including Lea Michele as Wendla, Jonathan Groff as Melchior, and John Gallagher Jr. as Moritz. Set in a provincial German town in the 1890s, Spring Awakening is a compelling story of teen sexuality, challenging authority, and self-discovery. It is wonderfully written and performed beautifully as well. Although as a whole the male cast seemed stronger than the female performers. At the end of the show I found my only criticism to be that I wished they had gone deeper into some of the smaller side-stories as I would have LOVED to have seen more.
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