jeudi 18 janvier 2007

At Long Last!

Though I had no objections to the uncharacteristically warm January weather, a sudden drop in temperature over the past few days had forced me out of t-shirts and back into two layers of long-sleeved tops. Fortunately, I made the switch just in time for the first snow of the season!(!!!!!) Although I was toasty on top, my flimsy ballet flats definitely didn't do my feet much good. In light of that, I figured I'd stick some of my favorite winter boots up here as it is becoming increasingly apparent how much good a pair would do me.
Graphic Boots by Sugar

4 commentaires:

Jason Wilkin a dit…

Definately go with the Ugg Fluff Mamas. Those are teh shit!

Cool blog btw.

Anonyme a dit…

all those boots are hideous yuck
find a vintage pair or maybe even the ugg Upptowns

Kim a dit…

i disagree with the person above me. i think the graphic boots by sugar and the marina are really cute!!

Anonyme a dit…

DEFINATELY love the ugg moma's and The origami sugar boots are to die for!!Check out my blog if you like